The Pakistan outlets offer three different McMaza meals, Chatpata Chicken Rolls, Chicken Chutni Burger and Spicy Chicken burgers with Aaloo fingers. Adaptation has even become an issue in the United States, in terms of colors, specific ingredients and health issues. New trends and tastes need to be taken into account if the company is to maintain its dominant market position.

This position however appears in little immediate danger. Currently McDonalds comprises 30,000 franchise outlets in 121 countries, serving 46 million people per day. The company is wildly popular on a global scale. Its Pushkin Square branch for example was opened in Moscow in 1990, and broke all opening day records in customer numbers. Its popularity continues unchecked, as it remains the busiest branch worldwide. McDonalds has opened a further 78 restaurants in the country. Beijing features the largest McDonalds in the world, opened in 1992, with over 400 restaurants in China.

As such, McDonalds, its M-sign and its food have become symbolic of the successful American dream, and the American way of life. The company and country have become irrevocably associated with each other.

Whether McDonalds will continue with its successful domination of the global fast food market is dependent upon its adaptability and capabilities in handling competition. Despite the necessary closure of several non-profiting stores in different countries, the company generally appears to be in good health, and there is little reason to doubt its future prospects.

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BBC World Service. “Adapt or Die.”

BBC World Service. “Fast Food Factory: Fast Foods Founding Father.”


BBC World Service. “Fast Food Factory: Fast Foods Founding Father.”

Adapt or Die.