Dominance of Microsoft Windows

The Problem and What Steps have been taken to Address the Situation

The basic problems with the computer are: that is slow to boot up and it takes longer to surf the Internet. Sometimes, there is a syntax 404 error box that will pop up when visiting the different websites. This is problematic, because it means that the computer is: becoming slower and is taking longer performing basic functions. The different steps that were taken include: removing programs that were not in use, conducting a scan of the anti-virus software and defragmenting the hard drive of the computer.

What Sites did you to when looking for Help?

The different websites that were visited during the process of trying to troubleshoot the problems with the computer include: PC Pit Stop, Tek — Tips, Answers that Work and the Microsoft help center. These various sites were selected, because they can provide a variety of possible issues that may be affecting the CPU. (“Answers that Work,” 2011) (“PC Pit Stop,” 2011) (“Tek — Tips,” 2011)

Were there any Additional Websites that were Visited?

No. The reason why no other websites were visited; is because, the four provided enough information to: identify the underlying problems affecting the computer.

The Advice you were given about your Problem by each Source, including your Assessment of whether or not the Advice was consistent across these Sites.

The advice that was given about the problem is that, there were a series of steps that needed to be taken. This meant going through a number of different scans and tutorials that are available on these websites.

For example, on Pit Stop PC, there were several different procedures that needed to be used to: determine the problem with the computer. This includes running several scans that checked everything from: the hard drive to searching for malware. (“PC Pit Stop,” 2011) These different elements are important, because a similar kind of process was used to troubleshoot the underlying issues with the machine. In some cases, this could mean using: the various scans and other tools to identify the problem. Once this took place, the different sites were: independently corroborating and recognizing various issues affecting the machine. This provided the best overall view as to: what was the problem and how it can be solved.

In the case of Pit Stop PC, they determined that the underlying problems affecting the computer were: viruses. At the same time, Tek — Tips and Answers that Work came to a similar kind of conclusion. The differences are that Tek — Tips provided this information through: various message boards. In the case of Answers that Work, they were offering support through: general links on the website. The advice that was provided was consistent with the different sites, as it is giving the same kind of solutions and was utilizing a similar approach. (“Answers that Work,” 2011) (“PC Pit Stop,” 2011) (“Tek — Tips,” 2011)

The Advice you Received about the Problem from Microsoft

Identical information was received from Microsoft. The difference was that a direct call was placed to: technical support and they walked.