UPS has also started providing healthcare tools to its employees.

The company offers career development opportunities to its employees.

The company offers compensation and benefit plans to its employees, irrespective of their seniority.

Employees with relevant years of experience are rewarded and their services are recognized with pride, the employees are best viewed as invaluable resource for the company.

UPS has recently launched workplace flexibility initiatives.

New employees are trained according to their job requirement.

Launch of Employee Communication program, which offers employee with a chance of communicating with other staff via deployment of world wide employee portal.

Messages from Chairman and CEO are televised annually so that the employees can better understand the challenges and plans that company intends to pursue in near future.

UPS adopted human resource initiatives are internationally acclaimed. The companys major initiatives include Welfare to Work, School to Work, Earn and Learn, and the Community Internship Program.

These implemented policies have improved the image of UPS as the best employer of choice; Womens Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has named UPS as Best Corporation for Womens Business Enterprises (WBEs) (Press Release). UPS has received recognition as an employer of choice from National Alliance of Business


Management team of UPS has played influential role towards overall performance of the company. Certain activities are launched at regular intervals providing chance for the senior management to interact with the subordinates. The platform is considered as an opportunity for the suboridnates to discuss their thoughts and grievances to the companys administration. Such kind of measure boost the morale of the junior employee, and hiss active involvement can be achieved this way. Annual video address of the Chairman and CEO is an example of such kind of measures.

PROMOTION FROM WITHIN UPS stands for the policy which provides employees with an opportunity for further growth in their respective careers. Promotions and incentives are offered to the employees periodically on the basis of their performance and achievement. UPS has adopted a stand where employees and employers are not accountable for the development of the company. Employees are provided with possible facilities to work towards bringing enhancement and growth in companys expanding network. In this regard UPS has developed a management team, having deep knowledge and relevant expertise, bringing unparallel success in the companys credit.

Employees are provided with an opportunity of having long-term career.

Large percentage of UPS, America has progressed from part time to full time job positions. Employees have been promoted to managerial assignments from their previously non-management positions.

The company has launched career development process through which highly talented and potential employees after thorough evaluation are promoted to high level positions. The program develops qualified candidates for all positions

According to companys report, average full time UPS manager has an experience of 15 yrs in the company.

The company views its promotion-from-within policy as a reason for the developed cultural and ethical environment in the company. The company acknowledges the long-term affiliation of its employees as a reason for its continued professional legacy in the competitive market.

According to companys 2005 progress report,

Around 11000 employees have promoted to full time job positions.

60% of the current vice-presidents were previously employed in non-management positions.

More than three-fourth of the total management employees were previously recruited for non-managerial task.


UPS Progress.