Do you keep the magasine after you read it?

7.What is your age?

15-24 years

25-34 years

35-44 years

45-54 years

55-65 years over 65 years

8.What activity do you perform?

A work in the medical domain/social assistance

Liberal proffesions and private businesses work in the financial domain work in the public administration domain work in the commerce and services domain work in the medical domain work in the industry domain

Others (please mention)

9.Where do you live?

A city with more than 500.000 people city between 500.000-200.000 people city between 200.000-50.000 people

In the countryside

10.Which is your monthly income?

Under 1.000$

Between 1.000-3.000$

Between 3.000-10.000$

Over 10.000$

11. Which are your hobbies?

A a) Travelling b) Sports c) Reading


As I have predicted, the greatest part of the Cosmopolitans readers (80%), are of ages between 20 and 35 years, most of whom (55%) are rather students or part of the upper class of the society. Moreover, 75% of them read the magasine regularly and only 25% occasionally, and more than 70% consider that this format is preferable for the magasine and 30% say that there are too many commercials.

Therefore, what it seems to be obvious is that Cosmopolitan has succeeded to be actual, active and atractive”; in my opinion, the magasine has two choices:one of them is to focus solely on the readers with ages between 20 and 35 years or, a second sollution, to publish articles which can be accessible to all the women, no matter their age and proffession.

On the other hand, when taking this into consideration it should be kept in mind that Cosmopolitan” is the most popular magazine among the young females (our study itself proves this, since 80% of the interwied persons read the magazine regularly).

Position Matrix:

Atractiveness the magasine has exclusive interviews with the stars it appears quite often (one number a month) interactive cover, interesting articles an accessible price

Competitiveness it adresses only to a certain spectrum of the society it adresses mainly to women with ages between 20-35 years old; therefore, for example Elle” could be more famous

Position statement:

Cosmopolitan” already has a slogan which has been mad efamous all around the world; even though, in order to be more perceptesd by the entire feminine society, it could sound as “actual, active and atractive, at all ages,” and this couls also be a veritable business strategy, besides publishing more articles about health (for older females) and about flirt (for teenagers). Besides these, the fashion pages should be improved as well, meaning to present clothes for all ages.

This strategy would make sense, in my opinion, because in this way every female would benefit from a cosmo attitude” and would find in Cosmopolitan” a trustful guide for everyday life.


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