The PowerPoint presentation represents the starting point of a more detailed analysis and report. In essence, the PowerPoint is the interface between the end report and the reader.

Work to the completed

The work so far completed represents the backbone of the future report and it is as such crucial. Nevertheless, it is insufficient and several steps still have to be completed. The first is represented by a higher degree of centralization of all important information collected throughout the process of researching the secondary sources of information. This process is necessary as it offers the first valuable insights into the opportunities and other features of the Malaysian market, but also because it raises the questions for the research to be completed from the primary sources. Specifically, the review of the secondary sources informs the researcher on what areas to focus upon while conducting the primary research.

These items could change as the actual research is completed and as new areas of interest are identified.

The second process which has to be completed refers to the actual trip to Malaysia. During this, several executives would be approached and asked to give input on their perceptions and experiences within the Malaysian market. Finally, upon return to the country, all data collected from both primary as well as secondary resources would be organized, edited and integrated into the comprehensive report. At this stage, the belief is that of a recommendation to invest in Malaysia, yet the more detailed research would prove or disprove this initial perception..