This episode describes Zurovs murder during a battle when he had to deliver a very important message to Russian general. As a result of his murder the battle was lost and Turks were able to win time in Plevna.

7. “So it was simply lying in his inside pocket? Well, well”(p.137)

This episode describe that colonel Kazanzaki was blackmailed by Anvar-effendi, who knew about Kazanzakis homosexuality, otherwise commander would not permit Kazanzakis participation in serious and responsible counter intelligence secret actions of Russian army in war against Turks.

8. “By the way, Ivan Stepanovich,~ visitors from Osman Pasha” (p. 145)

This episode describes how Turks wanted to trick Russian general and counter attack his flanges. Osman Pasha decided to send visitors in order to “sign peace,” in fact he wanted to use those “visitors” only to lull vigilance of Russian army.

9. “Salaam aleichem, Anwar-effendi”(p.183)

These words were said by Fandorin to Sobolev (Anvar-effendi) meaning that Fandorin revealed the personality of Turkish spy.

Are you out of your mind?~ the end of everything!”(p.


If Anvar-Effendis plan had come true and Russian army had occupied Constantinople, England and Austro-Hungary would have declared war to Russian empire. Russia would have definitely lost the war due to financial difficulties and weak army.

A gambit is an opening in a game~ to secure a strategic advantage (p.203)

Anvar Effendi told Varvara Andreevna Suvorova the essence of his brilliant plan: to stop Russias expansionist politics by high costs in victory over weak and declining Ottoman Empire. He decided to sacrifice possessions of his motherland in order to stop Russian expansion, so that Russias victory would be equal to failure.

12. They have given me a medal, but they should have put me on trial. (p.209)

Fandorin regrets that he failed to reveal Anvar-Effendi in Bulgaria, but he mostly regrets that he didnt confess to Varvara Andreeva who was going to marry another man.