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In every educational institution, practicing academic integrity remains to be a key facet in shaping and fostering classroom rules. This goes alongside behavioral standards that every instructor tries to convey among students. That is why when students commit cheating, they are often reprimanded and provided sanctions by schools. One form of cheating that students need to avoid is plagiarism. Not only does this action result to their failure in class, but it also goes to show the inability of students to effectively use their research skills in addressing course objectives. That is why it may be best that students buy a research paper than risk being caught of plagiarism, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the topic they are trying to write about.

However, preventing plagiarism may prove to be an easy task to accomplish. Here, students just have to practice and exercise caution in copying other peoples works. Since the definition of plagiarism involves intentionally or unintentionally copying another’s idea, this can be avoided if proper citation or recognition is given to the original contributor of the specific principle or tenet used by the student. In essence, plagiarism would only be apparent if students fail to be responsible in their own works or just plain too lazy to address the specific requirements provided by the professor. That is why students can use writing services to cater to their needs or just study how the process of plagiarism works and how students can prevent it from happening.
One essential aspect that can help students prevent plagiarism is by paraphrasing. This process involves taking the copied material from any reference, may it be internet, books, journals or periodicals, and rephrasing it accordingly. In here, the main idea is retained but the use of words as well as the sentence is changed. After this, students can then place an appropriate citation after each sentence to indicate that the idea was taken from the source used. Again, this can be seen if students need to write research papers since this type of paper requires analysis and justification coming from reference materials.

Also, it is crucial for students to become aware of the different citation styles available for academic writing. They may seek to find online references pertaining to citation and they can use it as a guide in becoming competent and learn how to use each one effectively. Since each style may depend on the particular discipline used (e.g. APA is for social sciences while MLA is for English), it is then important to learn how to use each one. By becoming adept at these numerous methods, the idea of acquiring plagiarism percentages can be reduced to the minimum or even none at all.

In the end, the idea of plagiarism only happens when students fail to act responsibly in their assignment, coursework, or research papers. It only takes little time and effort to learn different citation styles and paraphrasing ideas. By understanding these, it can be a huge investment cognitively and open up opportunities for developing a student’s writing style.

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